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Cooper: In Memoriam

By Charlie Wingard · August 25, 2018 · 1 Comment
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Cooper was a remarkable dog, a beloved member of the family of my Alabama friends, Matt and Rebecca Harnesss. For years, he was at my side as I trained for several marathons. He passed away earlier this month and will be sorely missed. In recent years when I visited, he was unable to run. Still, whenever I showed up, he found his way to me and stood beside me. Becca remembers how protective he was of Anne Marie after she was born, hovering close by and keeping a watchful eye whenever visitors held her. She summed up well Cooper’s life: “He was a good friend and a loyal companion.” This picture was taken in 2011. I wrote then: It’s fall,…

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In Memoriam: Thomas Ashcraft (1937-2017)

By Charlie Wingard · January 9, 2017 · 1 Comment
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  My thirty-two years of ministry have been exceptionally joyful – in large part, I believe – because of the wonderful staff associates God has given me. Tom Ashcraft, who passed away last Thursday, was among the best. I remember the first time I met Tom. We had an opening for music director at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Recently retired to the area, Tom was not currently serving a church. His daughter Stefanie, a good friend of our family, mentioned that he might be interested in the position. It took enormous effort to contain my enthusiasm. First, finding a talented music director committed to traditional Christian worship is not an easy task. And then there was the additional fact…

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