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100 Years Ago Today: The Halifax Explosion

One hundred years ago today the largest man-made explosion prior to World War II devastated Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two ships collided in the harbor, one carrying 2,300 tons of wet and dry picric acid, 200 tons of TNT, 10 tons of gun cotton and 35 tons of benzol. The subsequent blast killed 1,900 people, and left 10% of the city’s population injured.

Holiday visitors to Boston enjoy the beautiful  Christmas tree at the Prudential Center, an annual gift from Halifax citizens, grateful for the many Bostonians who fought their way through a raging blizzard to come to their city’s aid.

I first learned of the disaster from an obituary in a Boston area paper. The deceased lost her sight as a young child on that terrible winter day. Her face pressed against a window, she watched the ships burn. Then the explosion; a shock wave shattered thousands of windows. Shards of glass tore into her eyes. Others suffered a similar fate.

The Halifax disaster and Boston’s relief mobilization should not be forgotten.


[Sources: This summary and the CBC photos below were obtained from a link of the Nova Scotia Museum  that is no longer active. Additional information about the tragedy can be found  on the museum’s website and here.]

Revival Service at FCC Yazoo City



AME Pastor and Reformed Theological Seminary student, C.J. Alexis, serves as a chaplain at the Federal Correctional Complex in Yazoo City. Tonight he gave me the opportunity to preach at the prison’s revival service and to share joy-filled worship with the men who attended.

Rico Tice Speaks at RTS Jackson

Rico Tice

Three days of stirring messages from Rico Tice encouraging our students to do the work of evangelists. His John Reed Miller Preaching Lectures concluded Thursday, and will be posted soon to the RTS Jackson website.

Raines Elementary School

IMG_2479 (1).jpg

Since 2014 I have volunteered at Raines Elementary School, RTS Jackson’s neighbor on Flag Chapel Road. What a joy today to have Jessica O’Banner (Guidance Counselor) and Calandra Daniels (Music Director) speak in chapel and, afterward, to enjoy their fellowship at lunch! I am grateful for their dedicated leadership in our neighborhood.

Rae Shannon and John Paul Concert: September 6


FPC Yazoo First Family Nights



Our First Family Nights resumed Wednesday night – something to look forward to throughout the school year.

Come join us this fall:

Session I: August 23-October 11

Session II: November 1-November 8

Thanksgiving Dinner: November 15

Dinner: 6:00-6:30

Classes: 6:30-7:30


Study of 1 Timothy

Teacher: Charlie Wingard

Youth (grades 7-12)

Old Testament Survey

Teacher: Scott Edburg

Children (5K – grade 6)

Book of Acts

Teacher: Lynne Wingard


Thomas Christian Academy


The Rev. Charles Thomas is among the finest Christian educators I know. Today Bob Bailey and I enjoyed visiting with the Thomas Christian Academy staff as they prepare for the new school year in September.