Teaching Children to Sing the Psalms

For more than a year I preached at the evening services of a congregation that sings only the Psalms in worship. Among my many happy memories are meeting young children who sang the psalter outside of public worship to the musical recordings of New Song, a student  group from Geneva College that sings the Psalms a cappella. The children’s enthusiasm for New Song led me to purchase Psalms of Praise Volume 1  and  Volume 2. What a joy to find children whose musical tastes were shaped by the Psalter and traditional tunes! We shouldn’t underestimate the capacity of children to learn at an early age  great music and to commit large portions of scripture to memory.

I am grateful to live in a day when beautiful Psalter recordings are available, including Psalms of the Trinity Psalter Volume 1 and Volume 2, and Psalms of Scotland.

Follow this link for my description of a resource to help family’s learn the psalter tunes and texts of The Book of Psalms for Worship.

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