Receiving Jesus a Thousand Times

Under the distinguishing marks of saving faith, Wilhelmus à Brakel writes:
By faith true believers frequently receive the Lord Jesus with their heart. . . . To Him they turn, Him they desire, for Him they long, Him they receive, upon Him they rely, to Him they surrender themselves, to Him they desire to be united – all by faith. . . . They frequently, if not a thousand times, receive the Lord Jesus by faith. They always believe that their reception of Him has not been as unreserved as it ought to have been and that it has not been with sufficient clarity and sincerity; it was not as whole-hearted as it ought to have been. This receiving of Him is their daily food and therefore they repeat it over and over not so much with the objective to be included in the covenant of grace, but with the objective to be more and more intimately united with Christ.
The Christian’s Reasonable Service (vol. 2):  The Church and Salvation, trans. by Bartel Elshout. 1700 (Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 323-324.
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