Christ-like Benevolence

After participating in the Lord’s Supper, Wilhelmus à Brakel summons God’s people to reflection. With regard to the public manifestation of our Christianity, he encourages us to think deeply about our benevolence, remembering that we bear the image of Christ.
How benevolent the Lord Jesus was! Who did ever depart from Him, being yet uncomforted? Thus it must be with you: Comfort those who grieve, visit the sick, and be generous to the poor. If there is nothing you can give, nevertheless be friendly and manifest your compassion toward them. Let your light thus shine among men and manifest your faith by good works.
The Christian’s Reasonable Service (vol. 2):  The Church and Salvation, trans. by Bartel Elshout. 1700 (Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 599.

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