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Various & Sundry: December 13

Several years ago, my book club read Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom. Highly recommended

David Murray turns to the Puritans to demonstrate that sin is the greatest obstacle to personal happiness.

Americans have deep-sixed the traditional funeral. Chad Bird considers what we’ve lost.

And speaking of funerals, a montage from the 1965 funeral of Winston Churchill.

Various & Sundry: November 1

Is sanctification monergistic or  synergistic? Read Kevin DeYoung’s answer.

Is math ability genetic?  Yes, to some extent, say the authors.   But “for high school math, inborn talent is just much less important than hard work, preparation, and self-confidence.”

Micheal Kruger writes, “Preaching is a stunningly simple solution to a complex and daunting problem (postmodernity). But, the solution has been there all along.  Paul said it plainly when he laid out our mission, But we preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor 1:23).” Read his “How the Scandal of  Preaching Will Reach Our Postmodern World.”

Various & Sundry: October 25

Illness kept me from posting these links a few weeks ago;

Susan Cain answers questions about introverts and the workplace.

Michael Kruger lists 10 books on the Bible’s authority.

While I’m on lists of 10: “10 Things Americans Waste Money On”

David Murray identifies 18 obstacles to personal devotions in the digital age.   “Reason 2: Loss of Concentration. Tests of office workers reveal that they check email 30-40 times an hour, although they think it’s only 10-15 times an hour. 1 in 4 people check their smartphone every 30 minutes, 1 in 5 every 10 minutes.”

In “Art, Nakedness, and Redemption,” William VanDoodewaard writes: “To reject nudity in art and film is no denial of artistic ability, nor of created beauty. It is a realistic, careful, humble acknowledgment of God’s redemptive work in Christ and His precepts for a grace transformed, holy, happy life in a fallen world. This includes the need for covering nakedness.  Real redemptive activity seeks to preserve and rescue from sin by pointing men and women to Christ and His Word.”

Various & Sundry: October 4

Kelly Kapic writes, “Sometimes in reaction to our culture, which often confuses love with sappy sentimentality, Christians are tempted to let the pendulum swing too far in the other direction. We say things such as ‘love is not a feeling—it is a commitment.’ While I am sympathetic with the concerns of well- meaning Christians, I have to admit that concept of love is depressing if it exhausts one’s definition of love.” Read more.

Carl Trueman recommends five biographies.

“Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results.”

Classroom etiquette for scholars and gentlemen.

Well-known preachers comment on the number of hours they spend preparing their sermons.

Various & Sundry: September 27

German and American soldiers unite to fight one of the last battles of World War II in Europe. Exceedingly strange but true.

“What do you do with the site of a mass shooting?”

David Murray provides a helpful explanation of the regulative principle of worship.

Paul Tripp on ministry readiness and spiritual maturity.

On performing Shakespeare with the original pronunciation.

Various & Sundry, September 20

ReasonTV interviews George Will.

“The reluctance to face up to the boy gap is evident at every level of government,” writes Christina Hoff Sommers.

Carl Trueman interviews J.I. Packer.

The marriage gap and income inequality.

Emily Esfahani Smith suggests, “Let’s give chivalry another chance.”

Sinclair Ferguson on the practice of mortification.

Various & Sundry: August 30

Articles and clips of interest I viewed this week:

Mrs. Thatcher won’t jumpa role model alternative to Miley Cyrus.

Confused by the players in the Middle East crisis? Consult this chart.

Are all sins equal? J.I. Packer’s answer.

Meghan Cox Gurdon makes “The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books.”