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Pastoral Work Done Well and On Time

Work done uniformly well and on time should be the goal of every pastor. W.G.T. Shedd advises:

The religious character of the clergyman is strengthened as he “performs every clerical duty, be it in active or contemplative life, with punctuality, uniformity, and thoroughness. . . . The habit of doing work uniformly well and uniformly in time, is one of the best kinds of discipline  . . . . A thorough an punctual performance of pastoral duties, is a direct means of grace.”

–  William G.T. Shedd, Homiletics and Pastoral Theology. 11th ed. (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1902), 338-339, 340.

Don’t Let Your Life Run to Waste!

Don’t let your life run to waste! Small bits of time add up, and especially over a lifetime. William G.T. Shedd observes:

“Small spaces of time become ample and great by being regularly and faithfully employed. It is because time is wasted so regularly and uniformly, and not because it is wasted in such large amounts, that so much of human life runs to waste.”

– William G.T. Shedd, Homiletics and Pastoral Theology. 11th ed. (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1902), 394.