Booknote: “Persistent Prayer” by Guy M. Richard



Reformed Theological Seminary is blessed to have campus presidents who are gifted theologians, skilled pastors, and accessible communicators – which is why I was eager to purchase Persistent Prayer by Guy Richard, president of Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta. God’s people are always in need of teaching on the nature of prayer and exhortations to its faithful practice.
My goal as a pastor is for my church family to pursue lives of prayer: pouring out their hearts to the Lord in their private devotions, family worship, and the prayer meetings of the church. Persistent Prayer will prove a valuable tool in reaching that goal.
Of all the helpful reminders I found in this book, perhaps this was most needed: “Prayer is not preparation for the real work that leaders do. It is the real work.”
Many thanks to P&R Publishing for making this excellent book available.
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