Booknote: “Lead” by Paul David Tripp


I love how-to books that offer practical advice on church leadership. Most pastors benefit from step-by-step instruction about organizational management, church finances, crisis response, leadership recruitment and training, and other areas of church administration. Comparatively few seminary students come from backgrounds where they have received extensive training in these areas – and when they arrive at their first church, they need guidance. Right out of the starting gate, ministries can be crippled when godly men are ill-equipped to tend to the quotidian details and processes essential to effective leadership. The pastor who minimizes the importance of practical know-how is foolish.

So you may be surprised that I am enthusiastic about Paul Tripp’s Lead, a leadership book that has little or nothing to say about any of that. The author’s burden is for the “community of leaders” within a church or Christian organization. His crisis counseling experience with individuals and groups is extensive.


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