Booknote: “Expository Preaching” by David Strain



When Lynne and I moved to Mississippi, we wanted to find a church home. We had two requirements: a church with both Sunday morning and evening worship services (we love the Lord’s Day!) and a pastor committed to expository preaching. What a blessing to find both at First Pres Jackson with David Strain’s preaching!

David’s Expository Preaching is a gem – every Christian should read it. The Bible is indeed God’s word – and faithful preachers bring the words from God’s heart to the hearts of his dearly beloved people. Had David done no more than provide us with eleven arguments in favor of expository preaching, he would have served the church well. But his practical advice on getting the most out of expository preaching will prove invaluable to every gospel-loving Christian.
Do you value preaching? Do you want to be able to articulate the value of expository preaching? Then I can’t think of a better place to begin than this book.

Many thanks to P&R Publishing for making this splendid book available.

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