Old and New Testament Scripture Readings in Public Worship



Each Lord’s Day my congregation has morning and evening worship services. Old and New Testament readings are included at each service –  a total of four readings. Along with singing Psalms, this method exposes the congregation to large amounts of scripture during the worship services of the church.

At each service, one scripture passage is my preaching text. For the other reading, I prepare a  brief introduction to the reading.  I have found the following valuable resources in preparing my comments:

Family Worship Bible Guide, Joel Beeke et al.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (6 volumes)

Sabbath Scripture Readings (2 volumes), Thomas Chalmers

Promise and Deliverance (volumes 1-4), S.G. DeGraaf

I want my RTS Jackson students  familiar with these books. Over time, they will prove useful in the ministry of God’s word.



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