Faith Needs the Word

Tomorrow is Sunday – the Lord’s Day, the Christian sabbath. The Puritans called it the Market Day of the Soul. The Lord calls his beloved congregation to assemble, and places before them treasures from the overflowing storehouse of his grace. Before them he sets a rich feast as the word of God is preached and believed.

Just how important is the Word of God to the faith of his people?

John Calvin insists that “faith needs the Word as much as fruit needs the living root of a tree.”* Without the Word, faith withers. With the Word,  faith flourishes as God displays his mighty power to save and sanctify and sustain.

Your faith needs the Word. So, eagerly anticipate tomorrow. Pray that the word will be faithfully preached  and obediently believed. Come and enjoy the Market Day of the Soul!


* John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, ed. John T. McNeill; trans. Ford Lewis Battles; vol. 1 (Louisville, KY: Westminster Press, 1960), 576.


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