Encouragement from Psalm 6

On Psalm 6 William Plumer comments:

“With believers when things get to the worst then they get better. To them darkness is the harbinger of light; grief, of gladness; humility, of exaltation; death, of life. The whole Psalm teaches thus . . . The pious man has a friend in heaven, and on that account has no reason to be violently overcome by his sorrow.”

And Matthew Henry on Psalm 4:6:

“It has often been the the lot of the best of men to be men of sorrows; our Lord Jesus himself was so.”


– William S. Plumer, Psalms: A Critical and Expository Commentary with Doctrinal and Practical Remarks. 1867 (Carlise, PA: Banner of Truth, 1990), 101.

– Matthew Henry, Commentary on the Whole Bible, Vol. 3. 1710. (McLean, Virginia:  MacDonald Publishing Company, 1985), 259.


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