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Tips for RTS Students: Five Important Strategies for New Seminarians

By Charlie Wingard · August 8, 2017 · 2 Comments
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1. Find a church home quickly. Sanctification of the Lord’s day, sitting under God’s word preached, receiving the Lord’s supper, and caring for and being cared for by God’s people is indispensable to your spiritual well-being and (if married) your family’s. Don’t prolong your search. Your adjustment may be tough. Don’t be discouraged. It’s part of your preparation for ministry. All pastors work with people who struggle to fit into new church homes. A few years from now, you will too. Therefore, right now, you and your family’s struggles to fit in are equipping you for ministry. They are one of many ways God is at work to make you a sympathetic shepherd of your flock. 2. Don’t pit your…

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Tips For RTS Students: For a Long and Fruitful Ministry

By Charlie Wingard · April 22, 2016 · 0 Comments
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(Adapted from remarks to my students at Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson on April 19, 2016.) I want for each of you a long and fruitful ministry. For that to happen, many things must take place. This afternoon I’ll focus on two. First, for a long and fruitful ministry you must intercede for your congregation in your secret prayers. Secret prayer – the time you spend alone with the Lord pouring out your heart for the congregation he has called you to serve and seeking those graces you must have if you’re to serve them well. Without secret prayer there can be no real Christian ministry. That’s why Bishop Moule sought to impress upon his ministerial students that the “the heart…

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