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Learning on the Run

By Charlie Wingard · December 11, 2013 · 2 Comments
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Until October, when I had to curtail my activities, I enjoyed listening to history lectures on my longer runs. Below are some of my favorites. Series from The Teaching Company: The Conservative Tradition, Patrick Allitt Famous Greeks, Rufus Fears Famous Romans, Rufus Fears Robert E. Lee and His High Command, Gary Gallagher The American Mind, Allen Guelzo Donald Kagan’s “Ancient Greek History” lectures are available for free through Open Yale Courses. Both audio and video are available.  In one lecture he  uses students to demonstrate the hoplite phalanx. The video is hilarious. I remain an enthusiastic subscriber to Ken Myers’ Mars Hill Audio Journal, which “is committed to assisting Christians who desire to move from thoughtless consumption of contemporary culture…

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A Dignified President

By Charlie Wingard · September 26, 2013 · 0 Comments
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From a speech at Hillsdale College by former Congressman Mike Pence. Mr. Pence was elected governor of Indiana last year: There is no finer, more moving, or more profound understanding of the nature of the presidency and the command of humility placed upon it than that expressed by President [Calvin] Coolidge. He, like Lincoln, lost a child while he was president, a son of sixteen. “The day I became president,” Coolidge wrote, “[Calvin, Jr.] had just started to work in a tobacco field. When one of his fellow laborers said to him, ‘If my father was president I would not work in a tobacco field,’ Calvin replied, ‘If my father were your father you would.”‘ His admiration for the boy…

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George Washington on Fashion

By Charlie Wingard · September 17, 2013 · 0 Comments
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George Washington dressed well. His clothing, he believed, should reflect the dignity of a military and political leader. Slovenly dress demeans both the man and the nation he represents. But Washington was neither a fashion trendsetter nor a follower. He wrote: “A person who is anxious to be a leader of the fashion, or one of the first to follow it, will certainly appear in the eyes of judicious men to have nothing better than a frequent change of dress to recommend him to notice.” Washington’s concern was propriety – what’s appropriate – not fashion. How a Christian leader dresses when performing his duties probably concerns very few. For several decades our society has tracked toward the informal. But if…

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George Washington’s Rules of Civility

By Charlie Wingard · September 3, 2013 · 0 Comments
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Young George Washington’s education included copying by hand “Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” In the process he learned not only penmanship, but a code of manners that shaped his character and conduct. Some of the 110 rules pertain to etiquette: “In the Presence of Others Sing not to yourself with a humming Noise, nor Drum with your Fingers or Feet.” And, “Shake not the head, Feet, or Legs roll not the Eyes lift not one eyebrow higher than the other wry not the mouth, and bedew no mans face with your Spittle, by approaching too near him when you Speak.” Fortunately, I’ve never been in situation that required me to: “Kill no Vermin as Fleas,…

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