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First Presbyterian Church – 180 Years of Worship and Witness

By Charlie Wingard · August 15, 2021 · 2 Comments
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Today marks the 180th anniversary of the founding of  First Presbyterian Church of Yazoo City. The church has its beginnings in the protracted meetings that once played a vital role in the religious and social life of Southern protestants. Believers from various denominations, some traveling many miles on shabby, bone-jarring roads, gathered to pitch camp and enjoy several days of fellowship, fine cooking, and the preaching of God’s word. In late summer 1841, the kind Methodists of Benton, Mississippi hosted one such meeting. Gathering with them was a handful of Presbyterians from Yazoo City, who organized Yazoo Church on August 15, 1841. The church’s name was changed in 1843 to First Presbyterian Church of Yazoo City. The Rev. Richmond McInnis…

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Trinity Psalter Hymnal App

By Charlie Wingard · August 12, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  For many believers, singing Psalms and traditional hymns is a new experience. One obstacle to singing them confidently is unfamiliarity with many of the tunes to which they are set. Last month I purchased the Trinity Psalter Hymnal App and have been using it in my devotions. It contains the texts and music for the entire Trinity Psalter Hymnal, which our church uses as its psalter. Piano recordings assist in learning unfamiliar tunes. My heart’s desire is for my congregation, First Presbyterian Church of Yazoo City, to know the psalms and great hymns of the church and to sing them with confidence. This app will prove a valuable resource in achieving that goal.  

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Presbyterian Orphanage of Missouri (1959-1962)

By Charlie Wingard · July 5, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  “Mr. Wingard sure cut our hair short,” recalled Guy. He was speaking about my dad, George Wingard, who served as the assistant superintendent (and barber) of the Presbyterian Orphanage of Missouri in Farmington from 1959-1962. Guy grew up at the orphanage. In the 1990s it was converted to the senior apartments that are now his home. I met him last week before the start of the PCA’s General Assembly in St. Louis. But this wasn’t the first time our paths crossed. Guy and I would have been in church together often during my three years in Farmington. Children weren’t permitted to miss worship at Farmington Presbyterian Church unless they were sick. It was my family’s church home. My Uncle…

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