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Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Students at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

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Booknote: “Good, Good, Father” by C.L. Chase

By Charlie Wingard · June 17, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  Good, Good Father: Knowing God as He Wants to Be Known explores a grand theme: abiding in God’s fatherly care through Jesus our Lord. In twenty-six short meditations, readers are invited to experience the joy of knowing the God who lavishes his love on his adopted children. Identifying the promises of our heavenly Father and learning to claim them is the privilege Charley Chase wants every reader to enjoy. His scripture expositions are clear, his illustrations sparkle, and his plentiful quotations draw on the treasures of Reformed writers who have thought deeply about God’s fatherly love and care for his dear children

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Booknote: “Pastors and Their Critics” by Joel R. Beeke and Nick Thompson

By Charlie Wingard · June 5, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  Joel R. Beeke and Nick Thompson, Pastors and their Critics: A Guide to Coping with Criticism in the Ministry. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2020. $10.00, paper. Criticism can drive men from the ministry. For some it comes early in their careers, unexpected and fierce, like a flash flood. Unable to receive criticism, the pastor resigns or moves to another field believing, wrongly, that his initial experience was unique. What went wrong? Part of the problem can be unrealistic expectations. While preparing for ministry, a young man envisions his future congregation as a group of believers eager to learn from him and follow his leadership. Early on, criticism came and expectations were shattered, leaving him hurt and disillusioned. Isolation can exacerbate the…

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Booknote: “Weak Pastor, Strong Christ” by Rueben Bredenhof

By Charlie Wingard · April 7, 2021 · 0 Comments
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Many books analyze the apostle Paul’s theology and missionary work. Reuben Bredenhof examines the ministry of Paul the pastor in his new book, Weak Pastor, Strong Christ. His careful study of 2 Corinthians unfolds an apostolic model for pastoral work. Here, ministers straining under the burden of unbiblical expectations will find relief; those unsure of how to model their ministry will find godly help. He summons all pastors – in joy or trial – to rely upon Christ’s all-sufficient grace, saying with Paul, “when I am weak, then I am strong.”

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