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Booknote: “How to Read and Understand the Psalms” by Bruce Waltke and Fred Zaspel

By Charlie Wingard · February 20, 2024 · 0 Comments
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  The Psalms occupy a prominent place in the pastor’s life and work. He uses them to summon his congregation to worship. Their vocabulary and poetry shape the language of his prayers, both public and private. With them, he comforts the sick, gives hope to the despairing, and consoles the mourner. They supply cherished words to lead his flock in praises, thanksgivings, and intercessions. No pastor’s toolbox is properly furnished without the Psalms. To be used effectively, any tool must come with instructions for its proper use. Experienced craftsmen must teach their apprentices—which is why pastors will find How to Read and Understand the Psalms a valuable resource. Like master craftsmen, Bruce Waltke and Fred Zaspel instruct readers about the structure of…

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Booknote: My Year in Books (2023)

By Charlie Wingard · December 28, 2023 · 0 Comments
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When I finish reading or listening to a book, I add it to my annual “books read” list. My 2023 list is at the end of this post. 2023 READING HIGHLIGHTS A new book I loved reading and hope finds a wide readership is Glorifying and Enjoying God: 52 Devotions on the Westminster Shorter Catechism by William Bockestein, Jonathan Landry Cruse, and Andrew J. Miller. “Catechisms are small books of big doctrines,” the authors claim, and “boil down Scripture into major theological themes reflecting the high honor Scripture gives to doctrine.” Page by page, the authors back up their claim. The scriptural doctrines set forth in the Westminster Shorter Catechism are presented, accompanied by clear expositions of their biblical foundations.…

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George Thomas Wingard, Jr. (December 16, 1923-December 19, 2010)

By Charlie Wingard · December 16, 2023 · 0 Comments
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    My Dad would have turned 100 today, and I’m thinking about all he gave me. My Dad gave me a home. He loved the orphan. He worked in Arkansas and Missouri orphanages. On his 36th birthday, December 16, 1959, my adoption was finalized. I never knew my biological mother. Thirty years old and unmarried, she chose to deliver me, her fifth child, in another part of the state, away from family pressure to keep me. She had a ninth grade education. I am grateful to her for giving me life, for making a choice to put me up for adoption. And I am grateful for my Dad and Mom for giving me a Christian home.   My Dad…

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