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Booknote: Four Books on Prayer by Kathleen Nielson

By Charlie Wingard · November 19, 2021 · 0 Comments
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    Christian parents should never stop praying for their children. Nor should they be satisfied with vague and general prayers. Kathleen Nielson’s four books will prove a valuable resource for parents wanting to pray specifically and comprehensively for their children’s spiritual and moral development. One way we learn to pray is by listening to the prayers of others. She models for us how to pray for our children (and grandchildren) at every stage of their lives – for young children, teens, young adults, and adult children. I highly recommend these books.  

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Booknote: “Small Preaching” by Jonathan Pennington

By Charlie Wingard · November 17, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  Preachers need books on the theology of preaching, works that demonstrate its biblical warrant. Preachers also need how-to books on the preparation and delivery of sermons. Carelessly crafted sermons dishonor the Savior, as does a delivery that fails to compel attention. But there is a third kind of book on preaching that preachers will do well to read. These books offer the mature reflections on the intangibles of preaching—matters of pastoral bearing, mental attitude, and habits of preparation. Jonathan T. Pennington, preaching pastor at Sojourn East Church in Louisville, Kentucky and associate professor at Southern Seminary, provides just this kind of book in Small Preaching. The book’s twenty-five brief essays fall under three headings: the person of the preacher, the…

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Booknote: “When Evil Lived in Laurel” by Clint Wilkie

By Charlie Wingard · November 15, 2021 · 0 Comments
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  Vernon Dahmer is a hero of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. A business owner and president of the Forrest County NAACP, he worked tirelessly to register black voters in Hattiesburg and surrounding communities. He was murdered in 1966 when members of the Laurel-based White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan set his home ablaze. This horrific crime is the subject of Curtis Wilkie’s When Evil Lived in Laurel: The “White Nights” and the Murder of Vernon Dahmer.  At the center of this riveting story is Tom Landrum, a courageous FBI informant. His infiltration of the Klan helped bring about the arrest and trial of the man who authorized the deadly attack on Dahmer’s home – Sam Bowers – as well the…

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