The Wingards – Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Several Wingards are buried at the Pisgah Primitve Baptist Church Cemetery in south Montgomery County, Alabama. One Primitive Baptist distinctive is the practice of footwashing when communion is observed.

Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church was constituted in 1842, and its beautiful meeting house was built in 1931. I have never been in the Pisgah meeting house, but I’m told its interior was never painted, and that if you look up, you can see the foot prints of the workers on the ceiling planks.

The grave of Lenna Emma Curry Wingard (1862-1889), the first wife of my great-grandfather George Franklin Wingard (1860-1949). 

These are the graves of George Carroll (1914-1917) and Eugene Wilson Wingard (1915-1917), sons of Eugene Franklin “Buck” Wingard (1887-1966). Buck is the son of George Franklin and Lenna Wingard.

The grave of Mary Lou Miles Wingard (1824-1911), the wife of Richard William Wingard (1822-1862). Previously I posted a picture of Richard William Wingard’s grave at Wingard Cemetery, Wingard, Alabama. Richard William and Mary Lou Miles Wingard were the parents of my great-grandfather, George Franklin Wingard.

The graves of Coleman (1903-1984) and Lola (1905-1996) Wingard. Coleman was a son of George Franklin and Carrie Lou Wingard (1870-1955), who was the second wife of my great-grandfather. Coleman and Lola’s daughter Eloise lived in Huntsville for many years.

The grave of Mary Lou Wingard Kirksey (1897-1923), who died in childbirth. Mary Lou was a daughter of George Franklin and Carrie Lou Wingard.

The grave of Jack Smilie Wingard, son of George Franklin and Carrie Lou Wingard.

The grave of Jack William Wingard, the son of Jack Andrew (1931-2002) and Billie Wingard Sr., and grandson of Jack Smilie Wingard.

The spring that feeds . . .

. . . the Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church baptismal. Steps descend into the ice-cold water.

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  1. Sam Matteson on July 12, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Dear Rev Wingard,
    I read with great interests your post regarding Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church because my Great Grand Father [James Marion (Miley) Moates] is reported to have been born nearby in Briar Hill, Pike Co. Alabama in 1843 to Rachel Moates and an unidentified Miley family member. A recent DNA analysis (23aqndMe) has suggested that I share a 2x geart grand father with descendants of William Goodman Miley and Emmaline (Oentz) Miley, who help found Pisgah PBC in 1840.

    Given your family’s long association with the church I wonder if you have a contact or information regarding its earliest members. In particular I am seeking whether Rachel Moates [or Motes, or Moats] was a member or was her family headed by Noah Moates (b 1793 SC) and Elizabeth in 1842 and/or 1843. It appears that James Marion was born illegitimately, possibly to Elder Miley, who had been married wife “Emily” for seven years when James Marion was born. It would have been quite the scandal if this were the case. In 1847 the Miley family emigrated to Hillsborough Co, F never to return. Rachel joined her family in the panhandle of Florida, as well, by 1850.

    If you could put me in touch with the custodian of the church archives I would be most appreciative. You may e-mail me at ..I am a retired physics professor living in Nashville, TN and a member of Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville. I am also a writer as my third career. I have found that there were no Wingards listed in the 1840 Pike Co census, but by 1850 there were many..[Cf. ]. If you e-mail me, I will reply with the word file conntaining an image of the census page where they are listed. Thank you in advance fo ryour consideration.

    Grace and peace,
    Dr. Samuel E. Matteson (or just plain “Sam”)

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