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The Wingards – Elmdale (2)

Charlie Wingard

Charlie Wingard

Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson and Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, Mississippi

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These pictures were take at an October 2007 workday at Moore-Wingard Cemetery in southern Montgomery County. The cleanup crew from left to right:

Duane Norman, son of Murray and Ralph Norman

Murray Wingard Norman, daughter of Uncle Murray Wingard

Vickey Wingard, wife of Rick Wingard

Rick Wingard, son of Dick Wingard, grandson of Uncle Sam Wingard

Ralph Norman, husband of Murray Norman

Austin Norman (front), son of Duane Norman

Richard Wingard, son of Uncle Will Wingard

Here’s what the cemetery looked like in June.

Things were much improved by the end of our workday.

Below are two pictures that show how the cemetery has changed the past 50 years. Here is a picture of George Franklin and Carrie Lou Wingard’s graves now:

Here’s what the graves looked like around 1955. You can see the old Wingard home in the background. It has long since been demolished, and the field is now wooded. The land was sold to a paper company.

Thanks Cousin Murray for this picture!

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