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The Tigers Are Still the Greatest Team Ever!

Charlie Wingard

Charlie Wingard

Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson and Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, Mississippi

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Another college season is over and the Tigers remain the greatest football team ever.

No, not those Tigers but the 1899 Sewanee Tigers, who ran their record to 12-0 by outscoring their opponents 322-10. Records are made to  be broken, but does anyone seriously believe that another team will match Sewanee’s five shutout victories during a six day, 2,500 mile road trip?

Joe Paterno wrote of Sewanee’s Iron Men:

“While there are some who would swear to the contrary, I did not see the 1899 Sewanee football team play in person. Winning five road games in six days, all by shutout scores has to be one of the most staggering achievements in the history of the sport. If the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) had been in effect in 1899, there seems little doubt Sewanee would have played in the title game. And they wouldn’t have been done in by any computer ratings.”

Now about those other Tigers: the only team to score against the 1899 Sewanee Team was Auburn, coached by the legendary John Heisman.

Many seasons have since past. But college football reached its apex in the fall of 1899.

1899: Sewanee 12-0Oct. 21 Sewanee 12 @Georgia 0Oct. 23 Sewanee 32 @Georgia Tech 0Oct. 28 Sewanee 46 Tennessee 0

Nov. 3 Sewanee 54 Southwestern 0

Nov. 9 Sewanee 12 @Texas 0

Nov. 10 Sewanee 10 @Texas A&M 0

Nov. 11 Sewanee 23 @Tulane 0

Nov. 13 Sewanee 34 @LSU 0

Nov. 14 Sewanee 12 @Ole Miss 0

Nov. 20 Sewanee 71 Cumberland 0

Nov. 30 Sewanee 11 @Auburn 10

Dec. 2 Sewanee 5 @North Carolina 0





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