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Depression Era Alabama

Charlie Wingard

Charlie Wingard

Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson and Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Yazoo City, Mississippi

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Wingards came to Alabama sometime around 1820. Leaving South Carolina, they settled in Pike County, west of Troy. Look at a detailed map and you’ll find Wingard, Alabama. My great grandfather, George Franklin Wingard, married into the Moore family. The Moore-Wingard family farm, called Elmdale, was situated on the Pike and Montgomery County line, and was sold to a paper company in the early 1950s. My Dad (George), Uncle John, and Aunt Martha did a good part of their growing up in Montgomery County.

I love these photos. How different was Depression era Alabama!

(l-r: Uncle John, Aunt Martha, Dad)

One thing you’ll notice in several of these pictures is the bright Alabama sun –  eyes are closed! I tended to pigs for a time, I guess in order to uphold the family tradition.

Some photos of my Dad . . . . . . and Aunt Martha . . . . . . and Dad and Uncle John at a tender age.

Here’s Uncle John on a bad day . . .


. . . and in a happier time. George Franklin and Carrie Lou Wingard’s home at Elmdale. What a happy time it was when cousins from Arkansas visited! Uncle Bryan Thompson’s three children join the Wingards out in a cotton field. (l-r: Uncle John, Jane, Aunt Martha in front, Warren, Dad, and Bert.) I am grateful for my family’s heritage. By God’s grace “from generation to generation we will recount [his] praise.”
(Psalm 79:13)

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